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Thank you for your interest in iTrafficSeeker. We have created a short presentation of the main screens of the software so you can view just how easy this program is to use. Please be sure to download the free demo by clicking on the link above.

You can click on any of the images to enlarge and see more clearly.

As you can see on the image above, you can enter in your website's information, enter in your Contact information and move on to the Session Tab. (Deep Promotion is on the Pro Version only)

After you've created your Sessions in the Site Info Tab, now it's time to select which Session(s) you wish to promote and to what types of engines you want to submit to. It's as easy as clicking a couple of buttons and moving on to the Submit Tab.

In the Submit Tab area the only 2 questions are:

1. How fast do you want to submit?
Depending on your connection to the Net you can submit up to 300 sites per second! A typical user can leave the speed at 50 or 75 and do a complete submission in 5 minutes to over 5600 different sites!

2. Are you ready to submit?
If the answer is 'Yes' hit START and you're submitting!

This advanced feature makes adding new link pages a snap. Simply type in the URL of the page that contains the the 'Add URL' script, hit Get and the program automatically will add this site to either the default database or to a custom database of your choice. (Crawler is for the Pro version only)

This powerful feature allows you to enter ANY type of search engine, directory or link page you wish to add to your databases. It does require some html knowledge, and our Help file will walk you through the process of extracting the required information, but you can add UNlimited numbers of pages at your own pace! (Remember, we add new engines on a monthly basis, so if you're not comfortable with html you can simply let us do the work for you)